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Last autumn I read several reviews of MacSpeech comparing it unfavourably to Dragon, so I opted for the latter. But since then a new version of MacSpeech has been released, which uses the Dragon NaturallySpeaking engine. In spite of Dragon’s phenomenal learning capabilities, it has a few annoying sticking points. In my experience, there are some words or phrases it simply refuses to learn. I have a friend and regular e-mail correspondent called Jacqui, yet Dragon persistently uses the spelling ‘Jacquie’ every time I write her an e-mail, even after being corrected hundreds of times.

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  • If you’re not a fan of Google Assistant, you could try Microsoft’s Cortana instead.
  • The app, which has been available on Android since 2017, also lets you take verbal notes.
  • The simply named Speech to Text app is lightweight and easy to use.

Dragon does what it says on the tin – you can type as fast as you talk. One of the biggest initial hurdles I had was simply trusting that I could speak at my normal speed, instead of slowing down for the software. Counterintuitively, Dragon actually works better the faster you talk. I’m a reasonably fast touch typist, but there’s no way I could type as fast as I can generate text with Dragon. Even allowing for mistakes and corrections, I can still churn out text much faster than before. This quick guide walks you through the process of adding the Journal of Accountancy as a favorite news source in the News app from Apple.

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Not only does it do what it’s told; it’s trained in flattery too. The first time I spoke my name, it typed ‘Rich Journalist’. I’m not ashamed to admit that I haven’t bothered to correct it. Star Trek fans will be delighted to note that you can customise spoken commands, changing a dull request like ‘press the key enter’ to a much more satisfying ‘make it SpyBot Search & Destroy so’. There is a Mac alternative to Dragon – MacSpeech Dictate.

Ditto punctuation, which doesn’t seem to be included in the learning process. Dragon persists in giving me the words ‘will stop’ about 50% of the time I say ‘full stop’ (‘period’ to my American readers) – again, even after being corrected countless times. In my experience Dragon is about 90% accurate when taking dictation. But it does make mistakes – so you need to watch it carefully. Even writing a short e-mail, I often find myself switching to Dragon out of impatience because I know I can do it much faster via voice.

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I do sit and stare into space more often than I’d like to, but even allowing for the act in certain that I get more done in less time. If you’re unable to use a keyboard or mouse, Dragon could be a godsend for you, allowing you to do work that would be otherwise impossible. In my case, RSI has prevented me from typing for several months – without Dragon, there’s no way I could have written all my articles on Lateral Action without hiring a PA. In his review of MacSpeech Dictate, RSI sufferer Victor Medina describes it as ‘the software that most likely saved my career’.

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