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It seems that you have at least a basic understanding of music theory. Understanding the concept of chords and scales is fundamental for music composition. I too find it so interesting and beautiful that with the 12 notes that are found in western music, there are so many possibilities. Also the set of notes in the scales used by the chords will of course narrow down the notes that are sensible. Sometimes this works in your favour in that making a melody is hindered by there being too many options.

I also recommend that you practice the additional fingerpicking patterns I show you in this lesson so that you can really master the chords and improve your technique. Now we’ve transposed this piece down a minor third from G major to E major. We then need to do the same to that note in the new key.

Thought On what Is Music?

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Talking Heads made « Crosseyed and Painless » their own song while even-handedly incorporating African music without ripping it off. Shankar was torn about whether he felt comfortable sharing the sitar with the Western world. The Beatles were famous allies of Asian religion and managed to celebrate Indian culture without exploiting it. This short song was, according to historianPeter Lavezzoli, the first time a rock band used the Indian sitar. Beatles guitarist George Harrison first heard the sitar, an ancient stringed instrument that resembles a long-necked guitar, when he heard a Ravi Shankar record.

Group Music Therapy

However, only playing adjacent notes makes for a boring melody. Try adding more variety by experimenting with different positions with each note. Jumping to a note just above or below the next note in a sequence is a great way to create melodies that feel fresh yet familiar. You can see how the notes in the actual chords of the song make up the melodies. If the second fret is not the sound that you here in the song.

  • If there is a particular instrument, voice click through to this article, or ensemble that you enjoy the sound of, this could help narrow down the selection process.
  • Of course, you’re free to develop your own, unique curriculum, but you may find it much easier, not to mention more fun and convenient, to choose a curriculum that’s ready to go.
  • If you decide to profit from this object, you project an exploitive economic attitude.
  • When you’ve finished working in your DAW and want to return to creating more melodies in Melody Sauce simply un-click the mute button.
  • For example, in a V chord, where you played the II note in the first iteration, now play the V note instead.
  • For starters, it helps you to understand that melodies aren’t just randomly played notes that you have to figure out… they generally use notes that are right next to each other.

If the melody sounds happy and pleasant, it’s probably in a major key, if it sounds more mellow and sad, it’s likely in a minor key. If you know how, write the melody down on staff paper. You will need a bit of a musical foundation in order to write a piano part for your melody. First, you’ll want to know how to identify notes on the piano . It’s also important to know how to build major and minor chords from these notes.

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