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I didn’t notice the difference in mood or sleep, but things would probably have gone negative if I hadn’t taken the de-load week. During November and December there was a 33 day period with 29 training days. First signs of not recovering well happened in week 44 and 45. Training hours increased after that which most likely caused 2 week HRV slump in week 50 and 51.

  • Because of the risks of being connected with strangers and bullying, no child should have this app without a parent knowing.
  • Day One takes things above and beyond its competitors with a considered design and strong revenue structure.
  • It also provides a night mode, export to Evernote and Dropbox, and text structuring tools.
  • And it’s built by a small team of people that are continually updating the suite of journaling apps with well-implemented details.
  • However, Alex did not like using the diary card because he felt it was inconvenient to carry around and would draw attention if he used it in a public place.
  • DailyLife is a free diary with lock, photos, themes, mood, fonts.

That’s why keeping a journal is so important, even if you think it’s silly, it’s one way to recall all of the great events and milestones that occurred in your life. Or, if there is a certain activity, say movie watching or late-nights at work or eating out, that you’re doing too much of , you can choose to bring about changes. It will not only lead to different mood entries, but also lesser mood swings and overall better mental health. These charts allow you to gauge you mood swings, fluctuations in behaviour, monotony of life (are you picking the same activity every day?), etc. and help you make the desired changes.


You also have the ability to backup your entries and export to a spreadsheet. This would be useful if you wanted to print or send to your mental health professional. For extra privacy, you can create a pin to lock the app. You can really make this app your own by customizing your moods, activities and even the colors. (The color option is paid, though.) The moods are pre-set with standard names but you can change them or add more moods. It also comes pre-set with the activities but you can edit the names or add more activities to fit what you would actually use.

The most popular article ever written on this site was a comparison of the best Smart Journal apps. I limited that comparison to apps that allow usage both on mobile and desktop as well as several other criteria. But in Daylio I’ve found a hybrid app that tracks my mood and activities and have seen several benefits over a traditional Journal. is an app made specifically for those with bipolar I and II to automate your moods, physical activity, sleep habits, and even socializing. The app learns from your daily patterns and can give you notifications in advance of any possible changes in your mood. It also uses CBT and other behavioral therapies to help you learn to recognize your moods and mood changes immediately with the power of your own data.

Conclusion: Which Digital Journal App Will You Choose?

• Categorize your tasks with tags Download Daylio APK for Android and see how you allocated your time. If you commit to your task without getting distracted, your tree grows; if you cannot resist the temptation to use your phone, your tree dies. Over time, you will have an entire forest built from your focus and commitment. Todait automatically plans and divides your study materials over a specific period of time while providing detailed feedback.

This best bullet journal app emphasizes your happiness and good mood that’s also in 5 minutes. It works based on psychological researches that have been carried out by different researchers to show that writing journals can befit your mental health. Not only export but you can import data or entries from other journal/diary apps, for example, Evernote, Flava, Catch Notes, Journey, and other famous apps. Diaro, like many other apps, offers in-app purchases that vary from item to item. It is a diary, note-taking, and a multi-platform journal app that can record anything from your daily events, problems, secrets, appointments, to-dos, and much more. With Diaro, you can sync all your data to all your devices and PC.

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