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Of the five, the hard disk drive is the most important object to use a computer because when this component starts failing, all type of funny things begins. You need a way to check hard disk health, before getting an error.

Users also save files onto the hard drive, such as documents, pictures, videos and music. It is important to the computer itself and the user that the hard drive is healthy. Minecraft If the hard drive fails, the user may lose all of the files that are stored on the computer. If the computer is booting up and the hard drive is being detected, you can and backup all your data onto an external hard drive.

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For instance, if your disk is from Seagate, then you download its official application, SeaTools for Windows. This will help you check HDD health and status, besides other details related to it. Apart from the firmware, drivers also play a vital role in the functioning of the disk. Though, if the driver has not been updated in a while, then it also affects the HDD speed and health.

To test your HDD speed, check out the best hard drive benchmark tools for Windows 10 we listed. Regardless of the diagnostic tool used, even if it returned SMART errors, this does not necessarily mean that the hard drive is immediately going to stop working. It is, however, fair to assume that a complete breakdown of the device is inevitable at some point . Therefore, do not take the risk – a hard drive that fails SMART tests is not reliable.

An error checking tool, sometimes referred to as "scandisk", is a hard drive testing tool that comes with Windows. It can scan your hard drive and search of a wide range of errors. To open this tool, right-cick on the drive you want to scan for errors and select "Properties". There are times when a hard disk suffers from unwanted physical and water damage.

This can end up in data loss or the occurrence of a bad sector. If you don’t want your hard disk to be damaged, then keep it protected in a case. There are all kinds of waterproof covers for external hard disks that you can try. This will keep your disk protected and it won’t suffer from any wear and tear. Apart from Windows’ native tools, you can also take the assistance of third-party applications to do a disk test. Ideally, it is recommended to use the diagnostic tool of the disk manufacturer only.

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If all or one of the above ways to check hard drive health returns failure/ unknown / bad result, the primary goal is to savage as much data on the hard drive as possible. If the reported status is Unknown, Caution or Bad refer to the last section on how to recover files from hard drive. A hard drive is the most integral part of storage system on the computer. All the computer information from Operating system to your personal files reside on hard drive. Power, Motherboard, Hard Drive, RAM, and Central Processor are the five most essential things to make computer work normally.

You can consider updating the disk drivers to automatically test HDD status. Note the displayed ID and go to the official website of your hard drive manufacturer. You can enter the hardware ID to download and install the latest firmware update. Consider firmware as the backbone of your hard disk that is responsible for numerous software-related tasks. If your disk is running on an outdated version of firmware, then it might cause unwanted problems with it.

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