Need To Know: Important Tricks On Broken Screen Prank For Android Devices That Will Blow Your Mind (Updated).

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Broken Screen Prank Apk Versions

When they come back to their desk, they’ll think their computer has gone wackadoo. This is a classic funny app used to prank your friends. With the help of this app, you can make your smartphone’s screen appear as broken. After installing this app, the screen will appear broken only by shaking the phone once. You can also set the pattern in which you want your phone’s screen to look cracked. As soon as you turn on the app, it will make the screen look wholly broken, with its display light turned off.

  • When you touch the screen of your device the app simulate the cracked screen and loud cracking sounds on your phone.
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  • Once you have it installed, you can activate the fake screen crack simply by toggling an option or shaking the phone.

He took a mop and was trying to kill this fake rat. by this time we all in the office are crying from laughing so Broken Screen Prank apk hard. Another male coworker comes in and says “dang that’s a big rat”. Still laughing so hard because the other coworker is still trying to kill this fake rat with a mop.

Introduction: Cracked Screen Prank Video

To remove it you have to run the app once again. Until then the cracked screen image will be displayed over the actual application. Broken Display is a prank app which simulates a cracked mobile phone screen. Broken Screen is just a prank app used for fun, it simulates the broken screen effect to play with your friends.

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